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A New Addition

by jhh last modified Nov 05, 2009 08:56 AM

We acquired a new kitten on Halloween eve.

A New Addition

The Newbie Snarfing Away

JJ wanted to go out Trick Or Treating for Halloween. I tried to talk him out of it. I said he was really to old for it. I told him if he was with younger children he could carry on with it but for as big as he was (ALMOST as big has me) he just didn't look like a child any more. But he REALLY wanted to so I took him out around the subdivision.

Our neighborhood is not good. We wouldn't let him go out by himself. He doesn't have any friends in the heighborhood. I did mention that the neighborhood is not good. Years ago it was a lot better but times change. Boy how they change.

So we started out heading east on Glennburne Boulevard all the way to the very next cross street, McDougal circle. As we turned the corner, a kitten came running out from between a couple of houses across the circle street. It approached us and then stopped then turned around and went back to the driveway on the side of the street it just left.

This kitten was tiny. It couldn't have been more than 6 to 8 weeks old. It was quite loud as it cried for attention and food. But it was too afraid to approach us. So I sat down on the sidewalk and tried to coax it to come over. I didn't want to leave it as I had seen it follow people out onto the boulevard street and figured I would be seeing a greasy spot the next day if I just left it.

I tried repeatedly to coax it to come close but it JUST wouldn't . It was a classic approach an avoidance conflict issue. At one point it got close enough to sniff a shoe then ran off. So after following it here and there and trying to keep it within the circle confines, I asked JJ to go home and get a can of cat food. He was kind enough to do this, but it took forever. It was probably me just becoming nervous about trying to keep the kitten in the circle and away from the main road where it was more likely to get run over by a car.

Well, JJ finally got back with an already open can of cat food. I tried waving it around and following the kitten here and there. People had begun to look out their windows as I walked by their houses talking to this kitten.

In desperation I sat down on the sidewalk close to where the kitten was, hoping that it would smell the cat food. Finally, when it got close I flipped some chunks of meat at it. It took a while but it finally got close to a piece of food and sniffed it, and licked it,
THEN decided to come see me.

As it ate the food I slowy dragged the can closer to me across the sidewalk until I picked the kitten up, sat it in my lap and placed the can on my knee. It was one of those small cans that was wide and low. The kitten let me do this. As long as it wasn't interrupted from eating it didn't mind being handled. As it set in my lap eating I noticed that it was rumbling. I hesitate to say that it was purring. It didn't feel exactly like that. It was shivering. it was pretty lean and being so small, it was having trouble keeping warm. I wonder if it would have lasted the night.

I figured it had enough to eat for a short while later so I tried standing up with it in my hands. This was a mistake. It struggled desperately to jump through my fingers. I worked REAL hard to hang on with out hurting it and without getting bitten (when affraid, any animal will bite if it feels threatened. Your pet is no exception). I sat down quickly and began feeding it again.

While it sat there eating I asked JJ if he could go back to the house and get me a cat carry all. Again, he was kind enough to do it.

So here I am, again hoping he will hurry and wondering why he is taking so log. I mean, was he going to get back before the kitten became tired of eating and it became a struggle to hold it without getting bitten.

Finally JJ got back with the cage and I instructed him to walk around inf front of me and position it as quitely as possible.

I managed to get the kitten In its new, small temporary home and shut the door. Through all of this I became concerned that this kitten was really quite feral. I wondered how well it would be as a pet.

We got home and placed the kennel on the couch where we let it sit beside us while we watched television. I slowly opened the door of the cage and stuck my hand in, not sure what to expect. The kitten let me pet it and began to purr shortly afterwards.

Then Robin wanted to see it. She couldn't believe how small it was!

Over time while we watched television, we offered it water. We repeatedly offered it water and it actually drank quite a bit. So far it was doing pretty good.

Slowly it came out of the cage and decided to set on the couch with us while we watched television. It wasn't feral at all.

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