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JJ Gets Buffaloed, Moo

by jhh last modified Nov 02, 2009 10:09 PM

We went on a family outing this Sunday past where JJ discovered that you needed to read the Diner menu more closely.

Yesterday we went on a family outing. We stopped by a cider mill and bought cider, donuts, corn nuts and candy. We snacked on this suff for a while after that.

We drove through the Irish Hills area of southern Michigan and wound up at the Hidden Lake Gardens conservatory. The drive to the cider mill had been good and the Irish Hills area round Brooklyn had been nice but the stop at Hidden Lakes was great.

There was an auto trail at Hidden Lakes that we drove around. This provided some pretty fall scenery to view. Finally we stopped at the conservatory what the had a tropical dome, a temperate house and an arid dome for dessert plants. It was all very nice and we took our time looking around. I think the best thing of all was the Bonsai Display that had been donated by a patron. JJ really liked.

Well, once we got out of the gift shop we left there, now looking for food. So we drove on and finally wound up in Chelsea. Here we stopped at an antique store. I was looking for some pointers on how to refurbish my 1893 straight razor and ended up buying an antique military straight razor. JJ got a first edition of a Jules Vern book and we bought some ear rings for Robin.

We drove towards Hell (Michigan, that is) looking for food when we made a wrong turn and found a Diner in Pinckney.

After being seated JJ decided he wanted to order the half pound buffalo burger with mushrooms and the works.

while he was eating that sandwich I asked him if it tasted like a hamburger. He replied that yeah, it did. I commented that it was Buffalo but it was supposed to taste the same. He said what do you mean, it's a hamburger. I replied that, no, it was a Buffalo burger. He said it wasn't. I guess he thought  I was pulling his leg. I asked him if the menu said it was a half pound of Buffalo or Beef. He said Buffalo and then decided to ask the waitress. I guess he didn't trust me to tell him the truth. But the waitress said it was Buffalo.

About then you could see the light of realization on JJ's face. He'd eaten Buffalo for dinner!

We teased him about that for a while.  I thought Robin would die laughing. Once in a while I'd stamp my foot on the ground a bellow quietly.

Later we decided we'd right it up in the family news so here it is.

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