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JJ Suffers A Back Injury

by jhh last modified Nov 07, 2009 11:50 PM

He is attacked in gym class at school by a fellow student.

Last Friday JJ was attacked at school during Physical Education by a fellow student who is believed to be a football player for Sexton High School.

The incident occurred before the start of 6th hour PE when the student tossed a metal trash can at JJ. The waste can was thrown and hit him in the lower back shortly before the substitute PE teacher joined the class.

The incident resulted in JJ being taken to the nurses station where he was directed to lie down. His mother was contacted shortly after to pick him up.

The incident was followed by a visit to Redi Care. The PA on duty did not think the injury was serious and instructed JJ to watch his back and take Tylenol. JJ complained of lower back pain for the entire weekend.

School officials have stated that they would follow up with an investigation to identify the attacking student.

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