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by John Hayes last modified Aug 09, 2011 06:44 PM

I wrote this one day while setting at my desk. There is nothing profound to it. It's purely free association. Copyright (c) 2009 By John H. Hayes II

About The Meaning Of Life


by The Grunt In The Trenches


We wonder about the whichness of the why

and the whyness of the which,

or is that witch?

A doctor by any other name

wouldn't cause near as much shame

and certainly wouldn't go down

in near as much flame.

But then who would vote for the tame?

Me, I'll grab the reins of life

and attempt to avoid much strife

but if it comes my way,

don my sword

and jump into the fray.

What frays may surely unravel

and all lies thus end

whereupon some of us wind up in the pen.

Don't fence me in! I'll tell no lies.

Could this be another

of our bed time lullabys.

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