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by John Hayes last modified Aug 09, 2011 06:49 PM

Copyright (c) 2010 By John H. Hayes II

Which is worse to fear,

I truly do not know.

Awaiting a beheading,

from an axes falling blow,

Or a stalking hungry beast,

lurking in the snow.


I've died a thousand times today,

though morning's just begun.

I've cheated death many a way,

and it never was for fun,

(and possibly here and there,

I even thought to run).


I've fought my many demons,

and sent them all to hell.

I've lived a thousand deaths or more,

and will a thousand more.

But until I'm truly dead,

and can never die no more,

I'll fight my many demons,

and die thousands more.


Life is for the living,

and death is for the dead,

so to live life is to fear death,

which only stops when dead.


Love to live and love to fear,

as they truly are the same.

For fear of fear is fear of life,

so play a different game!


Slay your many monsters,

and put your fears to bed.

Bring them out when they are needed,

else keep them in your head,

and give them not the freedom,

to tramp the valleys of your mind.


If per chance they do arise,

in life instead of mind,

fight the valiant battle once,

and permit your fear to find,

the knowledge that you've conquered,

this demon many thousand times,

and send the monster tumbling,

to the devils fiery door.


In fear of fear you're dieing.

In love of life you live.

So love your life and love your fear,

then truly will you live!

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