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Ode To the Sky Wave Fisherman

by John Hayes last modified Aug 09, 2011 06:46 PM

Copyright (c) 2001 by John H. Hayes II

My line's in the air.

My reel's on the ground.

What a strange thought,

I'm fishing upside down.


My line senses the currents that pass through the air,

abd I ponder the fish that live up there.

Are they big and feisty and full of fight,

or small and weak and just a might.


I spin the dial on this strange fishing reel,

hoping for a nibble or something to feel.

A crackle of static, a voice in the air,

What a great realization, fish live up there.


How many are out there,

fishing just like me.

There must be millions,

on both sides of the sea.


Did I catch my limit ,was it Salmon, Bass, Trout?

Wait, 'tis not fish I was not trying to catch,

but 'twas hams I was angling to snatch.


While it's true I can't heat them, eat them or keep them,

I can always hope to again meet greet them or meet them.

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