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Oh Bene In A Gottle

by John Hayes last modified Aug 09, 2011 06:50 PM

Copyright (c) 2010 by John H. Hayes II

Oh Gene in a bottle what a friendly spirit you are,

sitting there and hoping to be released from your jar.


Oh Gene in a bottle your taste is quite divine,

once I have partaken of your nectar I feel simply quite sublime.


Oh Gene in a bottle please help to get the stopper out,

my fingers are quite fumbling and don't seem to have that much clout.


Oh Gene in a bottle let us fill another glass.

In your company I feel encompassed by one of very great class.


Oh Bene in a gottle my friendsh do all complain,

while in your presence I am nuts to them and simply quite insane.


Oh Wene in my garter are you a snake in the grass?

My friendsh they want to know because they say I'm now quite crass.


Ow enie meanie miny have we forgotten Moe,

Or maybe he's the strange stuff stuck between my toe?


To mush of Benied Gottle hashz maken me quite shick,

I s'pose that snake I barfed up can't be killed not even with a shtick.


Bowl of Bene in a gottle you say a 'zooka 'd do it,

get it to me quick 'fore I forget about thish project and decide to simply screw it.



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