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What Made The United States A Great Nation

by John Hayes last modified Aug 17, 2011 02:09 PM

My thoughts on the forces that made our country great.

What made the United States a great nation? I would speculate it was this sense of solidarity that came from all the immigrants wanting to be part of something new. Something they felt they were contributing to and could consider to be theirs as much as belong to anybody else. They wanted to be a part of it.

This sentiment has persisted for quite some time and has carried our country through to the present. Our leaders have told us which way to go, which wall to lean the ladder against and we, by and large did that.

But at some point in time quite a few of us began to question if we were headed in an appropriate direction or scaling the best wall. We did not like the look of the terrain we were heading into. So we began to promote our own interests. We formed groups of folks that would solidly hang together in financial support and effort for our special causes. When this began to happen to a large extent, I would argue that the fabric of our great nation became weakened.

Why do corporations contribute to campaign funds and lobby? Why do labor unions do these things? Why do Christian groups employ the same practices? Because they want to influence public perception and garner support for their cause, whatever it happens to be, because they feel threatened and they believe their cause is fundamentally right.

So we have ALL these special interest groups pulling at the fabric of our country, the glue that made us cohesive, diluting our commitment and national strength.

What is the purpose of our great nation? Is it to support corporate interests to the exclusion of all else? It is to support the Christian concept of God to the exclusion of all else? Is it to support the interests of the government to the exclusion of the interests of the general public (excepting the rich of course - after all they pay for everything. Right?). Is it to support the Islamic view of things? The environmentalists (they appear to be losing here and you can count me with them). What are our national goals?

Our nation should be a place where Christians, Moslems, Jewish, LGBTs, Atheists, blacks, whites, latinos, Chinese, Japanese, senators, masons, carpenters, info techs, etc. can all LIVE together.

What does it take for THAT to happen without all the CRAP that inhibits our nation from being GREAT?

It is not that our country has become Godless, it is that our country has forgotten that we need to WORK TOGETHER! We have failed to identify what is most important to US as a nation and work towards that goal. How should we treat each other? Is it appropriate that the large corporations relocate their manufacturing base over seas in some third world country where labor is cheaper so they can have larger corporate profits at the expense of a good job market in the US economy? But again, the bulk of the US population enjoys the cheaper prices these practices produce. How many folks shop at Walmart? What about labor unions. Who besides me is a member of one? I believe the are still a necessary evil and if you bother to research their history it will become obvious why they arose.

But how do we work together when you would pass legislation that would not permit me to practice my religion except in secret? Or some corporation would roll back the minimum wage so they could pay employees less. But wait, that one will not happen. What will happen, what is happening is the assault in the union as a method of weakening labor support so that wages do not rise as inflation, etc. rises.

Who gets to DICTATE how the losers of this contest have to live? That is what political parties contest for. They are the biggest special interest group of all. And voting really IS a battle where the victor gets the spoils. When we vote we have agreed to fire ballots at each other instead of bullets! And as we all know, ALL IS FAIR in love and war. A vote is a war, pure and simple. To the victor goes the spoils and they will not hesitate to lord it over the losers.

I really liked the movie "Invictus". It depicted statesmanship at its finest in the practices of Nelson Mandela when he became president of South Africa! That was a win/win for the bulk of South Africa in general.

We need to find the commonalities existing within all the people of this country and PULL them together in the development of a unifying credo by which we all can live together amicably. That is what made the US a great nation and what we need now more than ever!

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